Tera Thomas

FranFund Funding Consultant - FranFund Inc.

Tera got her start in franchising 20 years ago. With her experience in franchise development and franchise ownership, she brings a unique perspective to her role of funding consultant at FranFund. She has first-hand experience with the challenges faced by both franchisees and franchisors and how the right funding partner can benefit both parties. FranFund’s most popular programs are SBA loans and 401(k) business funding, which allows franchisees to use qualified retirement savings tax-free and penalty-free. By utilizing its franchise-specific pre- qualification tool and cultivating an extensive network of lenders who are franchise and small business-friendly, clients pre-approved by FranFund have a loan approval rate of 99%.

Presenting in the following seminars/workshops:

  • Presented by: Tera Thomas, FranFund Funding Consultant, FranFund Inc.

    If you have a clear picture up front of your funding options and overall funding strategy, you will be able to take a comprehensive approach and be much more confident throughout the rest of the franchise purchase process. It may even influence which brand you select, whether or not you start with one unit or multiple units, and how quickly you can get your doors open. Learn about the most common ways to fund a franchise business and the benefits of working with an experienced franchise funding partner.