Franchise Expo Chicago 2019 Setup Manual

Convenient Show Index with Links

Below is an index of the rules and regulations for the Franchise Expo Chicago at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

As all information in the Rules & Regulations will not apply to each exhibitor, please use the following method to navigate this online manual:
  1. Print out this Index page.
  2. Highlight the services and information your company requires and then go back to the index and click on each item.
  3. The link will bring you to that specific section of the regulations, provide you with a description of the service and provide a link to the order form required.
  4. Print out and complete the required order form and submit it to the service provider indicated on the form.
If you cannot locate the answer to your question here, please e-mail our Operations Manager at and you will receive a prompt reply.

Air Travel and Car Rental
Air, Water, Drain and Plumbing
Animals and Pets
Audio Visual and Computer Rental
Balloons and Helium Filled Items
Beverage Sampling
*Booth Design
Booth Displays and Rental Exhibits
Booth Identification Sign
*Booth Set-Up Procedures and Regulations
Broker and Consultant Exhibiting Regulations
Business Center
Car Rental and Air Travel
Ceiling Height
Cleaning: General and for Booths
*Conference Program and Discount Registration
*Convention Center Regulations
*Decorator Services and General Contractor
*Dismantling Procedures
Display Products
Drayage and Material Handling
*Due Dates For Service Order Forms
Electrical Services
Event Guide
*Event Guide Forms
Event Guide Advertising
Exhibitor Appointed (Independent) Contractors
Exhibitor Badges for Booth Personnel
Exhibitor Coffee
Exhibitor Liability Insurance
*Exhibitor Lounge
*Fire Regulations
*First Aid
Food and Beverage Sampling
*Frequently Asked Questions
Furniture and Accessories
*General Info
*Guest Passes
Guidelines for Exhibitor Appointed Contractors
Hall Lighting
Hanging Signs and Rigging
International Shipping and Official Customs Broker
Internet Services
Lead Retrieval Systems
Lifting Equipment For Exhibits
*Material Handling
Model, Hostess and Temporary Staff
Music in Booth and Sound Equipment
*Order Forms:
   Show Management, Rosemont Exposition Services &
   Other Services Order Forms
Payment Authorization Form
Plumbing, Air, Water and Drain
Pre-Show Marketing Program
Private Owned Vehicles
*Promotional Opportunities
Public Address
Registration and Badges
Rental Exhibits and Booth Displays
*Rules and Regulations For Exhibiting
*Set-Up Procedures
Shipments and Advanced Warehouse
Shipments: Direct To Convention Center
Shipments: Outbound
*Show Colors
Show Hours
Show Logos
*Show Management Contacts
*Show Office
*Smoking Policy
*Supplier Section
Telephone Service
Third Party Billing
*Union Regulations
Vehicles on Display
*Videotaping and Broadcasting